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With the emergence of the digital, organizations must adjust their strategies to remain meaningful to their environment. It has become essential to take advantage of opportunities offered by the digital to optimize growth process. The success of a digitalization project relies on the quality of technology used and the experience of the partner deploying them.

In more that than 10 years, AROLITEC has assisted hundreds of organizations in Africa, in their digitalization journey.

Our solutions for you

AROLITEC is a key partner for many public and private organizations leveraging on the digital to optimize their performances. Our product portfolio includes state of the art solutions to simplify your activity.

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LeTexto, the multi-channel communication solution to...


Truecom Gateway, a new revenue stream...

AROLITEC, a company with strong values



At AROLITEC we permanently listen to our ecosystem to capture and develop new ideas that will help us to remain ahead of the game.



AROLITEC has developed over years a reputation of expert on the subjects it addresses. We work tirelessly to expand this expertise by reinforcing our internal capabilities and listening to our markets.



Our flexible organizational structure allows us to adapt quickly to changes in order to support our partners even in the most difficult times.


Customer Orientation

At AROLITEC the customer is at the heart of all our actions. From product ideation to customer service design, we do everything with and for the customer to deliver awesome experience.

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